Events and News

Annual Sports Day

As is its tradition every year, the Maloo International School, recently organized its annual sports day. The program for the day included a variety of activities for the school's students, as well as events for guardians and school staff.

Annual Day

The spectacular Annual Day Created an qura of lustre & splendour, enveloping the mesmerized audience with its rhythm. The presence of the honourable Chief Guest Mrs. Navneet Rana and Dr. Shriramji Panzade, Education Officer was Indeed, a gigantic encouragement for the students. The day was replete with bewitching events that thrilled the audience.

Annual Science Exhibition

The Annual Science Exhibition held at our School and is organised every year with a view to encourage and inculcate a scientific temper amongst students. The students showcase their talents in Science and distinct venues were allotted for the different subjects for the display of projects made by the students. As one entered the reception area itself, one could feel the pulse and the magnitude of the event! The entire school was abuzz with activity.